Monday, December 07, 2015


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I walked. 

But, my shadow dint follow.

Monday, September 14, 2015

My Life

Fatal, was her smile!

Yes, she was glimmering like a star that came to meet me from so far.

Her eyes wide open and my words im-pa-r-tial.

The gown she wore was beyond any crayon to color!

She came walking to me and said, "Need some more breakfast, honey?" and I said "Yes" to my wife, my life :)

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy to receive -- Sunshine Blogger Award

2 is always greater than 1, isn't it? Confused? Okay, here it is. The last time I've acknowledged an award, I was late by 11 months and this time, I'm late by a month and a half. Improvement, isn't there?

Friday, August 14, 2015

The One After a Long Break -- The Liebster Blog Award

Shashank, finally!! Here's the post mere bhai :) I wouldn't mind if you'd like to kick me for being late by 11 months to respond.

Thank you very much for my first award, The Liebster Blog Award and yeah, please, no tears of happiness for such a fast response from my end about the acceptance/acknowledgement of this award. The pleasure's mine. Just kidding :) Seriously, thank you for the award and I'm so happy to receive it from a Liebster brother like you.

Need I say anything about the veteran blogger, Shashank or his blog, Embark With My Thoughts or one of the authors of the anthology, A Little Chorus of Love? Do check out his blog and read his upcoming book for more fun, love and fictions.

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.

2. Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)
3. Answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
4. Nominate 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 1000 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!)
5. Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.
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7. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!)
The Liebster Blog Award

Here are the answers to the 11 questions from Shashank:

1. One crazy serious moment that you laughed out loud at (a serious and dense atmosphere )
For people like me, there are a lot actually. In fact, every situation where in you and I start discussing about any serious issue :P.
The one that I can remember is when you were in the Mumbai airport, waiting for your flight to Chile and talking to Prathyu and me. You said, you feel so relaxed and I sarcastically told you the reason for you feeling relaxed ;)
2. The most notorious thing you did in your school days (embarrassing will work too if you’re fine :D )
Standing up on the bench and saying "Tu hain meeeerrriiii Kirannn" a famous dialogue from one of the SRK's movies, to one of my teachers :P  and it's different case, that the teacher came to my home the same evening and complained about it to mom.
3. One movie/book/story that you really loved and the reason (doesn’t have to be romantic. If it’s horror then better)
Can I name a series instead of a movie? F.R.I.E.N.D.S it is. It has completely changed the way I look at life/lives. Do watch it. By the way, people who've watched friends and reading this, How ya doinnnn ;)
Courtesy: Google Images
If we are particular about a movie then The Avengers is on the top of my mind. Of course you know why!
4. How many times or days/moments or did you live any, were you totally survived on your friends money and stuff (obviously looting it all away because it’s yours)
Yes!! I did do that and also allowed to do that. But if you want to experience it then wait for me to come home. Obviously, I'll be the one surviving on your money ;)
5. A place that’s not famous in your city but you would want to go there at any point of time because it’s your favorite (shouldn’t be famous I say)
I'm in Pune as of now, so it would be the hilly, ghat road to Narayanpur. Remember, I took you there on a foggy morning :) Others, look at this pic and you'll know why.
This  is the road to Narayanpur.
Source: my Sony Xperia
6. Which super hero fan were you in childhood and how did you try to imitate them?(ever tried rotating in circles like ShaktiMaan ;) )
There was no Iron Man(the RDJ one) in my childhood. He is my favorite.
But, yeah, I did try to hang/shove my towel on my shoulders as a cape and become Superman :P I still remember how funny it was. I would have definitely shared a pic if I had clicked one.
7. What would you do if you had money like Uncle Scrooge (no, I am not giving it to you. You’ve to imagine it)
Do something that would earn me the same amount of money every year. Now don't ask me what's that something. It's a top secret ;)
8. Reason you love your blog.
It allows me to blog :P
9. A place if you were allowed to visit immediately. What would it be? (write the first one that comes to your mind in a second)
Again a secret ;) But next one would be to go back in time and watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in IMax. I missed watching it in IMax.
Khatamich nhi hore yaaro tumhaare questiona!! :P Apna Hyderabadi style ;)
10. What’s your favorite food that you can’t help but eat at anytime and wouldn’t mind going lengths just to taste it.
Pizza, cheese-burst of course, proper traditional thali and lots more.
Abba... Aakhri wala dikhra ab. :P
11. Love Rain? Love reading? (write about one awesome crazy moment about rain and reading if no to rain. If you love rain and reading plus writing, we’re already friends then :P )
One crazy moment about reading is -- One fine day after watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, one of my friends who read all the books told me Harry will be killed by Lord Voldemort. I was so worried and read the complete book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the next day just to make sure if he was lying.
Hurray!! All questions answered!!
Can I skip the rules, 4, 5, 6 and 7? I heard, "Yes". Thank you Bhai :)
That was pretty good restart after a 3 months break on blog!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Faith, family and friends

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I felt as if there were shadows moving hauntingly towards us.

Impulsively, we walked faster and faster with an intent to flee.

Though we tried to be calm, the fear of death lingered on our faces.

They finally surrounded us and took all our money, but left my family unharmed.

Faith, family and friends; what else do I need and what else do I have?

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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Memories and Tears


At Pondicherry Beach

I sat there for almost an hour and it would be a mistake if I say that I've stumbled upon that place.

For all the sixty minutes of the time traveled, no tear rolled down my cheek without a memory.

Few were sweet and few bitter.

But the one in those memories was glorious.

I sat there for almost an hour and it would be a mistake if I say that I've stumbled upon that place.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Walk I remember


"Why walk alone, when we can dance together?" I said.

She gave a tangent look at me, turned back and laughed while she said, "You can apply for an assistant script writer's post in Bollywood for that line."

"Oh no! If I do so, I won't be able to go to Mumbai without you and even you'll miss me badly, won't you?" I said and made sure to stand in a position from where I can block if she thought of hitting with her bag for another cheesy line. Thank God she dint. 

It was again one of the longest walks we went for but when we reached the junction near by her place, it all felt like we just started walking from here. Three hours of walk and I still wanted to go for another round with her.

"So?" she said and turned towards me. Those glittering, big eyes conveyed a lot and my dumb, innocent brain understood nothing but just kept murmuring "She is lovely and beautiful.. and lovely.. and beautiful". I couldn't help there, it was all her beauty doing the trick.

"Hmm!" I was still thinking what to say and out of all the possible things I could, I said, "Can I walk you to your place?". The inner me, punched me in my face, lifted me high, dropped me on the ground, shook me and kept saying, "Wake up!! Wake up!! What are you doing? You asked if you walk her to her place? Seriously?". "Ah, I mean can we go for another round? Only if you don't mind cause I don't feel like going home today" I said.

"Only if you stop using those cheesy lines, Abhi!" she said and "Anything for the walk" I said to myself. I was in a different world when I was with her and trust me, my brain was not functioning at all. 

We started walking again and this time I walked even slower than before. Soon, the sky has put on it's shades. Midst the starts, I saw another moon, walking along with me, with a beautiful smile and mesmerizing eyes.

"Can we sit here, on this bench?" she asked, pointing to the bench near the garden. We sat there for a while. Silence and nothing else was present. Neither she said a word nor did I. 

May be they were right, we exchanged no words but we had one of the best conversations.

I knew that was not going to happen everyday. I knew that was not going to long like that forever. But I was happy that I met her. She taught me that life is a wonderful thing that can ever happen to anyone if you know how to live! She taught me how to live, while she was unable to live her's.

I learned what love was, from loving her!

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Found No One


Friday Fictioneers - 13 March 2015

I was not sure if I was being vindictive, because I dint even knew her name!

She might have been The Goddess in her world but definitely not mine!

I was feeling almost giddy by the time I ran to her place.

The lewd crowd of people in my path were staring as usual.

Needless to say I went to that place every day, but found no one and returned with nothing.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A New Life

Life has always been a Roller Coaster and it will always be. I believe it is not only for me, but for everyone. Be it a superhero like Iron Man or pick any common man, it is and will always be a Roller Coaster.

We never feel enough with whatever we have in our lives. Of course that is how our human nature is, our psychology is and I’m no different.

I was in college and I was returning to my hostel in a bus, along with one of my friends. It was almost dark and we were late and hungry too.

“I’m hungry bro!” I said and turned towards him. “Yeah man! Me too” he replied and got back the novel which he has borrowed from the local library. It was at least two more hours for us to reach our hostel and that was the day I learnt, time and hunger are no one’s friends. We reached a stop where we got down the bus and were walking towards a place from where we can catch another bus to reach our destination.

“Dude, do you have money?” I asked and started checking my pockets. He found some in his pockets and I found a little amount in my bag. Collectively we had 10 bucks and it was enough for us at point of time.

We soon went to a shop near by an d bought a big sweet piece of bun called ‘bun maska’ and started sharing it. We finished almost half of the piece of bread we bought while walking towards the next bus stop and it was so tasty that we started arguing over who is going to get the large. We both were hungry and we both wanted to eat more.

After a couple of minutes we reached a crossing and we were waiting for the signal to go red so that we cross the road. Surprisingly the debate for the larger share was still on and then we saw a man of our age lying on a small piece of cloth on the road. He was physically challenged and that situation was so moving that we decided to give him the larger share of our bread to him. He accepted to take it and smiled. He dint speak and we weren’t expecting him to, but he just smiled. The happiness of sharing that bread with him has filled our stomach. We felt like we were full.

That might seem a very small decision but that was one of the decisions which inspired us to help others. After that incident we have grabbed any possible opportunity to help the one in need. That incident helped us in starting a new chapter in our life, helping the needy.

I have recently joined an CSR organization too and it is altogether a different experience to be with those kids from homes we visit. Those kids changed the way I look at life. They have a little with them but they are always happy and they are always ready to share their happiness with everyone around them.

Thank you, for this wonderful opportunity to share our experience.

You can all know more about and go start a new life from the following link:

Embedded below is a wonderful video by them.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Dance, Dance, Dance!!!

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The mud in my head and the dirt on my pants.

I'm never allowed to bed with the dust on my hands.

There's just sweat and sweat from all my glands.

When Mom asked me, "Show me your hands."

I gave her my hand and said, "Dance, Dance, Dance!!!"

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Friday, March 06, 2015

That kid taught me!

It was just another Saturday morning in the city of Hyderabad and yes, I was as usual wandering by making a deal with one half the inner me that I was jogging for a better health and the other half says, "Dude! Make it fast. You don't want to miss that butter dosa after you jogg or whatever you call this." I had the same butter dosa just the day before that and I was worried if I was going to miss it that day because I woke up late and that is because of the late night movie I watched the other night. 

Well, that was not just me. I looked at the hundreds of people around me and every single person had a thought which clearly shows the worry or a pinch of tension which tells them that they don't have enough in their life and they have to run, run for life or run for money. 

I went with all those mixture of thoughts for half a kilometer I stopped at a place just to look around and see the beauty of the rising sun. To my surprise I saw not one, but two suns that morning. Surprised? Yes! I saw one rising in the East and the other sitting on the footpath, selling newspapers in his school uniform and with his school bag hanging on his shoulders. Yet not complaints, no regrets but just beautiful smile whenever someone bought a newspaper from him.

I had seen one of the purest forms of smiles in the worlds that day. 

I'm not the kind of the person who reads a newspaper out of interest. But that day, I was sure that I was not going to read but I bought one from that kid. "How much?" I said. "Three rupees, bhaiyaa" he said and got back to arranging his small box, which had a little money. I gave him a five rupee coin and when he tried giving me the remaining amount, I said "keep it". 

"Why are you in a school uniform?" I asked. "I will sell these newspapers and go directly to my school from here" he answered. I had goosebumps! I asked the kid neither his name, the name of the school where he was studying nor the reason behind selling newspapers that early morning. I just dint. That kid taught me a lesson that day. It was all magical and spiritual for that moment.

That kid taught me, "No life is tough, no life is easy. It is you, who makes it what it is. Believe in yourself, have faith in yourself and spread the smiles."Me being a kid who never read a newspaper or even had bother to buy one had a very blessed life with all the luxuries and yet I was there complaining about the things that I dint have in my life and worrying about the morning butter dosa I was going to miss.

That kid had a positive attitude in life, filled with optimism and he taught me a lesson that I could never forget.

I'm not sure where that kid is and who that kid is, but I thank him in this post for the motivation he gave me that day and I just wish him the best of luck for his future.

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Another forgotten poem from my scribbles

Oh my God! It seems like my mail box is resurrecting all the forgotten scribbles.

I found another one yesterday and yes, I'm happy that I found it :)

I wrote this when I knew that one of my friends was missing us badly and was mentioning how we used to enjoy when we were together!

Here's it goes:
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Un lamhon ko kaise bhula payenge hum,
Jiske wajeh se bhul paaye hum bohat se ghum.

Bas faasle hi hain, jo thodi si badi hain,
Par tere yaadon se meri dil toh bhari hain.

Jab tak mujhe yaad aayegi tumhaari,
In aansuonse rahegi meri samjhouta jaari

Woh hasi mazaak tumne jo sabko baata hain,
Unke bina toh humaare zindagi mein sirf sannata hain

Un lamhon ko kaise bhulenge hum,
Jiske wajeh se bhul paaye hum bohat se ghum.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A forgotten poem from my scribbles!

Was going through the drafts folder in my mail box and I happened to find this poem. I don't even remember when I wrote this but yeah, I'm happy that I found it :)

There you go!

Abhi aur tutne ki himmath nahi hain hum mein..

Jitna tutna tha, usse jyada hi tukde kiye hain..

Lagta hain kabhi apne bikhre tukdon ko reth na kardu..

Ab karen bhi toh kya, apne aap ko tabah na kardu..


Poetic mood :)

Thursday, February 05, 2015

He wasn't

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He wasn't villainous at all, but he became one in my life.

He wasn't scary at all, but he scared me to death when I knew he's gone.

He wasn't willing to to be gone, but I knew one day he will.

He wasn't the person I'd love, but he became one.

He wasn't... he just wasn't!

I will do it

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It's my desire to rise!.

It's my struggle to fight the shiver!

It's my will to get past the wilt and I will do it!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Plan to kill me

It was cold and a quarter past six in the evening. 

He entered the room, hung his keys on the holder and looked around. I smiled at him and he acted as if he hasn't noticed me. I called his name, loud and clear, but it was of no use.

I stood behind him, but he acted as if I wasn't there. I sat on the couch for an hour beside him and he still did not talk to me.

The door bell rang and as soon as he opened, she flung onto him and started kissing. I then understood that she is responsible for his depraved behavior.

"Did you get all the money?" she asked.

"No. They require Karen's death certificate for transferring her money to my account" he said.

"My death certificate!" I jumped from the couch and saw myself in the mirror and I couldn't see myself.

By the time I realized, it was too late! I was just a puppet in their powerful plan to kill me and get my money. I should have know that dog and about his intentions before he married me.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The one with the proposal

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Here goes my post:

"Julie, I'll be back in a couple of weeks" I said and left the place without even turning around. Not turning around was the most difficult part there.

I knew it would be practically difficult for both of us to be apart for two weeks but yeah, that was the part of the plan.

I came to my flat, packed the stuff and went to my home town to meet my family and to tell them about her. Everybody in my family were happy with my decision and they are ready to accept her into our family.

Now the most exciting thing to plan and implement is, how to propose her and that too a surprise proposal. I knew her answer but I wanted to make it special and surprise my love with my love.

I kept storming my brain for ideas and I finally found one.

But, for that plan to work I had to make a call to that person whom I wish I had never call, the dumbest one I ever met in this world. Long story short, she ate all the chocolates I sent to Julie on my last Valentine's Day, assuming that someone special sent it for her and was trying to propose her.

I made a call to her room mate and planned everything and this time I made it very clear, clear enough that you can see through it, that whatever is planned and whatever is going to happen is for Julie and not for her. Well, it had to be done because I want everything to go perfect.

I made all the arrangements and was going back to the city, the day before the Valentines's Day. It was six in the evening and she's still not back to her flat. I did not call her but I was expecting her to back to her flat any moment, so was her room mate. It was nine past and I started getting worried about her and I finally called her, pretending I was not in town and just called casually.

"Hey honey, where are you?" I asked. "I'm going home" she said. Oh my! I felt like everything I planned was going in vain. I called her room mate soon and said the same and she was surprised too because Julie informed no one.

I went back to my room and sat in despair that my plan did not work. I was trying to call her at sharp midnight to wish her a Happy Valentine's Day and she picked up and I said, "Happy Valentine' Day honey". "Happy Valentine's Day to you too" she said.

Soon my room mate asked me to come downstairs to introduce me to his Valentine and when I went down, I saw her standing in a red dress with long hair, beautiful smile and her mesmerizing eyes. It was all planned by her room mate. She called Julie back saying that I was back from my hometown with all the plans to propose her.

I went closer to her, went down on my knees and said, "Julie Grace, my love, will you marry me?"

"YES, YES, YES" she shouted and then we kissed and we made this bond even more stronger by the engagement ring on her finger.

Thanks to her room mate for making things right while everything was falling apart.

After everything, Julie's room mate came to me and said, "I loved those chocolates, by the way ;)"

Friday, January 23, 2015

By Now..!!

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I've tried killing you like a thousand times in my thoughts by now!

I've tried wiping off all your memories from my thoughts by now!

I've tried!

I've tried!

I've 'just' tried because you've abandoned me and must have gone far by now!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Every Life has a Story

I was going through the bunch of emails I received over the weekend and I'm going to share one of them.

This is not any professional email or a technical one. It conveys a message.

A message, which says that we should not judge whatever or whoever we see by the very appearance or the initial circumstances without actually knowing why is he/she/it is that particular manner.

Here goes the email:

A 24 year old guy seeing out from the train’s window shouted to his very old-looking father, “Dad, look the trees are going behind!”

Dad smiled and a young couple sitting nearby, looked at the 24 year old’s childish behavior with pity.

Suddenly he again exclaimed, “Dad, look the clouds are running with us!”

The couple couldn't resist and said to the old man, “Why don’t you take your son to a good doctor?”

The old man smiled and said, “I did and we are just coming from the hospital, my son was blind from birth, he just got his eyes today."

Every single person on the planet has a story. Don’t judge people before you truly know them. The truth might surprise you.

Thanks to my friend, Prem who blogs at Prem's Ledger for sending me this wonderful email.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Quikkrrr Quikr..!

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Here goes my post:

"Dear Ram,

Your relocation request has been approved and you are here by officially transferred to Optimized Solutions, Bangalore location.

Please get your clearance form approved by the respective teams by the end of this week.

Your official date of joining at Optimized Solutions, Bangalore location is Monday, February 01, 2015.

Let us know if you have any concerns!

Jaya Ramesh Sundaran
Human Resources"

The email just gave me a surprise. Finally, my relocation request has been approved and it's time to shift to a place near to my home town.

I called my wife and said, "Honey, it is about we start packing our luggage."

"Ram, if this is one of your Switzerland jokes again, you might wanna find another place to sleep tonight" she replied in her lovely sweet voice.

"No, no, no, my relocation request to Bangalore location has been approved from my office and we can shift to Bangalore in next two tot three weeks. Isn't that cool? we've been planning for this since a long time and here we are, ready for Bangalore." I said.

"That's awesome! Come home early. We can plan everything over dinner and get things done quicker." she said.

"Yep. See you!" I said and cut the call.

I am happy for getting relocated but moving has always been painful and now it is not just moving but setting up a completely new home in Bangalore.

Furniture, television, refrigerator and what not. Thank God! As we were sure of being permanently settling down in Banagalore, we barely bought things at our current place. A little luggage to move and fortunately we have to sell and buy stuff whenever we want, wherever we want and to/from whomever we want.

Now, the most important thing is the set things right at Bangalore. I went to and soon filtered my choice to real estate section, 2 BHK section and found a wonderful , independent 2 BHK for living at just rupees 11000 a month at Konanakunte and it is of the kind which I was exactly looking for. I called up the owner of the house using the contact information provided and booked the house for rent. The house was ready to move and we can move in whenever we want. 

Phew! Thanks to, things went smoothly.

It doesn't end here. Four walls and a roof cannot make home sweet home. I narrowed down my search to Home and Lifestyle and then booked a sofa set, a dining table, a television, wardrobes and lot more. I compared all the prices for the same products online at other websites and I was happy that I bought all of them at a reasonable dearer price or equal.

I went home that night and my darling had a lot of questions to shoot at me and before she could say anything, I handed her the list of things I already purchased to make the home at Bangalore a sweet home :)

"I love you!" is all she said after she went through the complete list.

Offer he couldn't refuse

Source: Google Images

I pulled out my gun and made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

He backed off!

Gave me a look.

She thanked all heavens and collected her clothes while I made sure he left.

I then asked, "Mam, are you alright?"

Sunday, January 04, 2015


Dear Love!

How are you? I seem to be so formal, don't I? But, seriously, how are you? It's been a long time we met, so I thought I should ask. I hope you are doing well. 

I know you might be surprised to see this letter. Even I was, when I finished writing it.  You see, we have a lot of things in common, don't we? That is what we used to tell ourselves when we fell in love with each other. Such wonderful days they were.

What do I do now? We are so busy with our office and our work that we don't find time to talk to each other. Oh yeah! We text almost every alternate day and sometimes we even talk once or twice a week. Thank God! We are at least doing that. Surprisingly, the most frequent contact on my phone, which few months ago was your's, but now it is someone else's. Initially, I blamed my phone's software for that. But, now I know that it's not my software's fault.

Did you check the email I sent you last week? I was actually planning to take some time out of my work in this January and try spending some romantic time with you. What do you say? I know you don't like me spending money like this. But I just tried, like I always do. Please don't be mad at me for this. I was just looking for some quality time. You are right, we can do this after our wedding too and then as you always tell, no one would question us when we are married.

By the way, thank you for the present you sent me on my birthday..!! I was really surprised and there were almost tears in my eyes. Okay! Okay! No more sarcasm. But, I was a little upset at you for forgetting my birthday. I saw your apology text the next day and I then understood how busy you were with your cousin's wedding. I wore that jeans that you gifted me on my last birthday and surprisingly it still fits me!

I was actually looking at our pictures we took when we first met and the memories of our journey of love till now. Do you remember, how we used to pose for our selfies. Oh man! I miss them now. Do send me a selfie after you read this letter. 

Source: Google Images
Waiting to meet you!

Lots of Love!

My first Write Over Weekend post.

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Start this fresh

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"I was waiting for your call the whole day and I was dying to talk to you!" he said.

"I'm sorry honey, I was surrounded by people in the party and I did not notice the time." I said.

"Right! Surrounded by people." he nodded.

"Honey, I thought of calling you" he took his coat "after reaching home." I tried to explain.

"Good bye!" he said and this time he did not even give me a chance to ask if we can start this fresh.

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