Monday, February 16, 2015

A forgotten poem from my scribbles!

Was going through the drafts folder in my mail box and I happened to find this poem. I don't even remember when I wrote this but yeah, I'm happy that I found it :)

There you go!

Abhi aur tutne ki himmath nahi hain hum mein..

Jitna tutna tha, usse jyada hi tukde kiye hain..

Lagta hain kabhi apne bikhre tukdon ko reth na kardu..

Ab karen bhi toh kya, apne aap ko tabah na kardu..


Poetic mood :)


  1. Anytime, Paresh! Thank you for stopping by and please keep visiting :)

  2. Soch achchi hai magar execution mein kuch kami lagti hai,but everything is good which comes out from heart, maine isko aur behtar banane ki ek koshis ki hai,

    Abhi aur tootne ki himmat nahin hai hum mein,
    Khud ko sametne ki chahat nahin hai hum mein,
    Tukde hote hote hum khak na ho jaayein,
    Zinda rehne ki ab khwahish nahin hai hum mein.

    1. Those lines written by you are awesome! Thank you very much, Cifar for those fantastic lines.

      Yeah, I just wrote whatever was flowing from my heart :) Thank you very much for stopping by!

  3. Loved both creations Sankeerth and cifar shayar. Sometimes raw emotions convey more than thought processed ones isn't it. Totally heartfelt

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Shweta :)