Friday, March 20, 2015

The Walk I remember

"Why walk alone, when we can dance together?" I said.

She gave a tangent look at me, turned back and laughed while she said, "You can apply for an assistant script writer's post in Bollywood for that line."

"Oh no! If I do so, I won't be able to go to Mumbai without you and even you'll miss me badly, won't you?" I said and made sure to stand in a position from where I can block if she thought of hitting with her bag for another cheesy line. Thank God she dint. 

It was again one of the longest walks we went for but when we reached the junction near by her place, it all felt like we just started walking from here. Three hours of walk and I still wanted to go for another round with her.

"So?" she said and turned towards me. Those glittering, big eyes conveyed a lot and my dumb, innocent brain understood nothing but just kept murmuring "She is lovely and beautiful.. and lovely.. and beautiful". I couldn't help there, it was all her beauty doing the trick.

"Hmm!" I was still thinking what to say and out of all the possible things I could, I said, "Can I walk you to your place?". The inner me, punched me in my face, lifted me high, dropped me on the ground, shook me and kept saying, "Wake up!! Wake up!! What are you doing? You asked if you walk her to her place? Seriously?". "Ah, I mean can we go for another round? Only if you don't mind cause I don't feel like going home today" I said.

"Only if you stop using those cheesy lines, Abhi!" she said and "Anything for the walk" I said to myself. I was in a different world when I was with her and trust me, my brain was not functioning at all. 

We started walking again and this time I walked even slower than before. Soon, the sky has put on it's shades. Midst the starts, I saw another moon, walking along with me, with a beautiful smile and mesmerizing eyes.

"Can we sit here, on this bench?" she asked, pointing to the bench near the garden. We sat there for a while. Silence and nothing else was present. Neither she said a word nor did I. 

May be they were right, we exchanged no words but we had one of the best conversations.

I knew that was not going to happen everyday. I knew that was not going to long like that forever. But I was happy that I met her. She taught me that life is a wonderful thing that can ever happen to anyone if you know how to live! She taught me how to live, while she was unable to live her's.

I learned what love was, from loving her!

This post has been written for and #together. Thank you


  1. Romantic, touching, heartfelt and simply beautiful. There are very few times when I feel it never ends, I want to read more of this for sure or don't mind penning the sequel :) it felt a piece of emotion go live....very nice Sankeerth :)

    1. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you, Shweta :) I'm glad you liked it!
      I'll definitely try to write a sequel..