Saturday, January 24, 2015

The one with the proposal

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Here goes my post:

"Julie, I'll be back in a couple of weeks" I said and left the place without even turning around. Not turning around was the most difficult part there.

I knew it would be practically difficult for both of us to be apart for two weeks but yeah, that was the part of the plan.

I came to my flat, packed the stuff and went to my home town to meet my family and to tell them about her. Everybody in my family were happy with my decision and they are ready to accept her into our family.

Now the most exciting thing to plan and implement is, how to propose her and that too a surprise proposal. I knew her answer but I wanted to make it special and surprise my love with my love.

I kept storming my brain for ideas and I finally found one.

But, for that plan to work I had to make a call to that person whom I wish I had never call, the dumbest one I ever met in this world. Long story short, she ate all the chocolates I sent to Julie on my last Valentine's Day, assuming that someone special sent it for her and was trying to propose her.

I made a call to her room mate and planned everything and this time I made it very clear, clear enough that you can see through it, that whatever is planned and whatever is going to happen is for Julie and not for her. Well, it had to be done because I want everything to go perfect.

I made all the arrangements and was going back to the city, the day before the Valentines's Day. It was six in the evening and she's still not back to her flat. I did not call her but I was expecting her to back to her flat any moment, so was her room mate. It was nine past and I started getting worried about her and I finally called her, pretending I was not in town and just called casually.

"Hey honey, where are you?" I asked. "I'm going home" she said. Oh my! I felt like everything I planned was going in vain. I called her room mate soon and said the same and she was surprised too because Julie informed no one.

I went back to my room and sat in despair that my plan did not work. I was trying to call her at sharp midnight to wish her a Happy Valentine's Day and she picked up and I said, "Happy Valentine' Day honey". "Happy Valentine's Day to you too" she said.

Soon my room mate asked me to come downstairs to introduce me to his Valentine and when I went down, I saw her standing in a red dress with long hair, beautiful smile and her mesmerizing eyes. It was all planned by her room mate. She called Julie back saying that I was back from my hometown with all the plans to propose her.

I went closer to her, went down on my knees and said, "Julie Grace, my love, will you marry me?"

"YES, YES, YES" she shouted and then we kissed and we made this bond even more stronger by the engagement ring on her finger.

Thanks to her room mate for making things right while everything was falling apart.

After everything, Julie's room mate came to me and said, "I loved those chocolates, by the way ;)"

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