Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bounded Life

Got bored working at office and also got some inspiration from the compliments received from people who read my previous posts. Life has a lot of things to unfold everyday. It completely depends on us that we identify the unfolded part.

We are bound by destinies,
We are bound by fate.

I’m waiting for the date,
On which my future opens the Golden Gate.

I want to climb the tower,
So that I can happily shower,
My love and power,
And be an icon in history ever.

I wanna fly,
I wanna try,
I wanna cry,
Fulfill all the above before I die.

It’s just because,
We are bound by destinies,
We are bound by fate.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trip To Jaipur

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I came home as usual and sat on the sofa in the hall. A tiresome day it was. "Amma..!! Can I get some coffee?" I said and leaned back. “What’s up with you? Why are looking so dull? Is everything okay?” Amma started her rapid fire. “Nothing, it’s just my work load. We’ve been working so hard to get out project to the next level. You know how things work in the corporate world” I said. “Ram, why don’t you take a break? Go out somewhere for few days” she said. Sounded like a nice idea to me. I really need a break!

“Amma, let’s plan a trip to Jaipur next week. Such a scenic beauty it is” I said. “No baba no. I can’t come with you. This is the reason I’ve asked you to get married. You can go out with your wife travel around the globe” she guffawed. “Amma, I’ll get married when I have to. Let’s plan the trip first” I said. “Do you want me to call Mr. Matthew? He is a very good travel agent and moreover he is from Jaipur. He can help you with all the travel and stay” she asked. “Nope, but I’ll let you know if I need any help” I replied after gulping a sip from the coffee.

There was no need for me to go for Mr. Matthew when I already have Skyscanner – the travel wizard with me. I really have to thank Skyscanner and team, these guys are really awesome. The last time while I was planning a trip to Goa with Shikha, the complete plan was about to tailspin and the travel wizard, Skyscanner saved my relationship (Top secret, Amma doesn’t know about her yet :P).

Soon I went to and searched for flights to Jaipur, a wonderful place in Rajasthan. No sooner I hit the search button a list of flights came into sight on the screen with appealing prices. I’ve sorted everything as per my comfort and chose to fly with Air India by just paying rupees 16,582/-, which is a dearer price compared to other sites (you can see the highlighted prices below).

Then I navigated to the Hotel bookings and it wasn’t a herculean task. I just sorted according to my comforts and just booked it. Sorting is one of the best features I like these days and skyscanner has it.

My stay went like this:

Day 1: Jaipur (1 night)
Day 2: Jodhpur (1 night )
Day 3: Udaipur ( 2 nights)
Day 4: Udaipur
Day 5: -Pushkar ( 1 night)
Day 6: Pushkar ( 1 night)
Day 7: Jaipur

I booked all the hotels at the respective places and also the cabs to travel in the local and started my packing. Everything was booked with costing me just 67000/- rupees only.

After exploring all the places mentioned above I came back to Jaipur and took rest for the complete day. The forts, the palace and especially the shopping was very  delightful. Later I took a flight to Pune and reached home without any trouble

Thanks to Skyscanner for all the help.

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WhatTheBlack -- Day #1

The most awaited day has finally come. I was checking my mobile again and again just to make sure that I did not miss any call from regarding #WhatTheBlack activity. I was very exhilarated to see what's gonna come and more ecstatically waiting to blog about it.

I was waiting, waiting and waiting and finally the cute, female receptionist in my office came to me and said "Sankeerth, there is someone waiting to meet you in the reception." I went running to the reception and a person from greeted and presented the Black Box of surprise and happiness. I signed for it and went on to my desk. I was very agog to know what's inside the Black Box

I opened the box and the surprise got unfolded with every step I took to open the box and I finally experienced the unexpected as said by #WhatTheBlack .

I was actually expecting chocolates by looking at the Black Box but to my surprise I found a Black Egg and then I said #WhatTheBlack :) It came with a beautiful, egg shaped note.

Now what's inside the egg? It again surprised me. As I already said, a lot of surprises got unfolded with every step.

Ohhhh Myyyyy..!!! That was one big chocolate in the egg. I couldn't wait any longer and I took a bite and said to my colleague sitting beside me, "Who said you cannot taste true love? I just did." Yummy Yummy Yummy chocolate it was. I wanted to capture every moment of this #WhatTheBlack experience and I did. I took a picture of my first bite on the chocolate:P

After I had the complete chocolate I realized, even my hands and fingers were black. Lol...!!! Fortunately I saved my white desk from going black which would result in the person cleaning it tomorrow to stare at my as if I was she going to eat me.

What would the next clue be? What am I going to get? Where is the chocolate in the Black Egg going to lead me? A lots of question in my mind as of now. Let's keep guessing guys. Any guess?

Keep watching this space for the next clue and keep guessing. You can very well comment if you have any guess.

Waiting for the final #WhatTheBlack product!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


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I got down my school bus and saw her peeking through the window with a desire in her eyes.

As soon as I stepped inside the house, she acted like she's busy in her own work and I just did the same.

I noticed her spending time in my room and using my computer when I'm out, which is completely strange.

I decided to talk to her, see what's going on and help her if I can and I did it.

As per my advise, the next day she went to my dad and in her polite, humble, requesting voice she said, "Master, I want to go to School and Study."

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My First Poem - India is one of the greatest countries in the world

I never thought that I'll be writing a poem in my life. After listening to the 2012 Delhi gang rape that took place in Delhi, the capital of our Mother land. I wish if there were no bus came at that time to give her lift, I wish if those people in the bus were not drunk, I wish if she did not come out of her house on that day, I wish if someone could have saved her, I wish, I wish, I wish and I just wish one thing!!!! If something or the other change in time on December 16, 2012 saved her life.

My Poem:

India is one of the greatest countries in the world.
I guess our future generations will only read it but not believe it. 

People think 100 times before assembling their personal computer.
But not at times, when they go for electing the people in the assembly. 

Everybody wants no one to comment on their sisters.
But, they keep their sisters in space when they comment on someone else’s. 

They neither change, nor keep quite.
But, they always say that, what we do is not right! 

A country is never made up of states.
But, can always be built by public’s mind’s state. 

People never buy, or keep it because it’s a newspaper.
But, it’s always in their mind that someday, it can be used as a wrapper. 

Nobody knows what is the tax to be paid this annual.
But, most know, what is the bribe to be paid at which signal. 

Politics has become a weapon. 
Religion became bullets.
But, innocents became targets. 

India is one of the greatest countries in the world.
I guess our future generations will only read it but not believe it.

P.S: This post does not mean to offend anyone or any organization in anyway. It is just my personal opinion.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

My 5 Black Listed Things

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Black. Yes!! You read it right. It's Black. The color of this text is Black. The color of my laptop is Black. The color of my bag, the color of my shoes, the color of my T-shirts and what not. Knowingly or unknowingly Black has become one of the common colors in my life. Wait.. I said a common color. Let me correct it. Black is not a common color. Every color has it's own speciality, so as Black. Black is one of the mostly used and liked colors. It shows us the capability to absorb things into us. 

Features apart. Beginning with my Black List:

1. Matte finished Lamborghini

A Mate finished Black Lamborghini. One of the most expensive cars in this world. I know I cannot ride a car yet, but even getting a ride in this car would make me more than happy. 

2. A Black Sofa Set

A Black Sofa Set on a white polished floor. Oh my!! That would be a beauty to see. I have a theme house in my mind. All the things in the house would be just white and black. Specifically furniture will take black. White walls, white floor, Black sofa set, Black curtains, Black doors, Black dining table and so on. Let's see how far it goes.

3. Batman's Bike in Black

A little more improvement in the world of automobiles and bang!! This bike will be on roads.This is one of the coolest bikes I've ever seen. I'm still not sure if this is a realistic model, but if it is, then I'll be waiting for it to come on roads. Given, the fire power's been removed :P

4. A Black Pen

A book and a pen are always good to keep with one. I personally like to write in black. The strokes and the fonts in black add beauty to our writings. I've participated in a lot of competitions and given a choice, I've always gone for Black color to write.

5. My Lady in Black

Ooohh Myyy!! That moment when I see her in such a beautiful black dress would make me go buy the cloud 9 for myself and sit on it with my jaws dropped and my eyes wide open for an aeroplane to land in there. Phew!! I just come back from there ;) 

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A Rainy Day

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It was April 24, 2013. After moving to Chennai, for the very first time I was very happy to go to my office. You know why? Because it was raining. 
I started from my place with a kid’s attitude. I came drenched to my office. I was very excited that, I even forgot my ID card. Few days ago, pain made write few lines and now, the Happiness. Happiness always reminds of a line from the movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness“. Here goes the line – “There is no Y in Happiness, there is only I in Happiness
I was so happy that I've composed a wonderful email and sent it across to all my friends:)
Here it goes, My First E-mail Compose, “A Rainy Day”.
If Every rain drop would be one of your smile. I wish that it rains heavily throughout so that there’s no space for tears in your life.
1. Hug someone you like so tightly in this rain so that you forget all your pains during few seconds of that hug.

2. Greet everyone with a beautiful smile. Who knows, you make their day with it.

3. Dance like an MJ, the king of POP. Forget the WORLD.

4. Call someone, a very old friend, with whom you have shared some unforgettable moments.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Woh Pal, Bas Guzre Hue Kal..

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Guzre hue kal ko phir se jee nahi sakte,
In yaadon ko toh dil se mita nahi sakte.

Yeh tasveer hi hain, jo kal ko kal bhi dikhayegi,
Jise dekhte hi is pathar k dil pe ik nami si cha jaygi.

Magar karen bhi toh kya..!!

Guzre hue kal ko phir se jee nahi sakte,
In yaadon ko toh dil se mita nahi sakte. 

Thank You Mom..!! :)

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Mom and the child

You gave me birth,
Brought me into this earth,
Saved me from this world's dirt,
Helped me travel longer than Perth.

Thank you is a very small word Mom.
But still, thank you. 
Thank you for everything.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

“I’m afraid” I said.

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All I need is proper sleep, which has become a dream these days. I kept telling myself not to sleep. Just a couple of days and bang! I’ll be attending the first round of interview. Getting that job was more important for me than cracking it.

“How is the preparation?” she whispered. I told the most common lie in my student life, “Going well”. I know she’s as nervous as I am because these initial steps will decide our future relationship. “Are we meeting tomorrow?” she asked. How could I resist! I said, “Yes. We can meet at the temple and I’ll pick you up”. “No. I don’t want Mom or Dad to be skeptic about us” she said. She’s a valid point, but I hate when she proves it. “Okay then, don’t be late. I’ll be there by 7 AM” I said. “Look who’s talking!!” she guffawed and disconnected the call.

The whole night I was thinking about our future, therefore couldn’t manage to sleep. “Two more runs and we’ll win the match. Come on dude!! Hit it hard!!” my roommate, Rajiv shouted in sleep and no wonder he will not remember a word he’s uttered. His somniloquism sometimes baffles me. Somehow I’ve managed to sleep by cuddling with my pillow and it was 4 AM. The only thing I wish now is not to be late to the temple.

“I like coming to this temple”, she said. “I like it more when I come with you”, I replied. My heartbeat increased when she held my hand and all of sudden, a strong protective feeling developed in my heart towards her. We sat silently for a while. The temple was very peaceful and the climate added to it. We exchanged no words but it was one of the most memorable conversation we had by holding each other’s hand. “I have to go now and yeah, all the best for tomorrow’s interview” she said. “Sure. Thank you!” I replied.

I reached my place to study but my mind’s still on that temple date with her. I never thought that I can be so responsible. All of a sudden I feel like taking up all the Herculean tasks to live a happy life with her and the first among them is to cracking the interview and the biggest is to convince their parents. I guess, I might need Hercules’s help here.

Soon the sky has put its shades on and it’s late night now. “Ram calling”, my mobile’s display shows. “I’ll come to your place at 8 AM tomorrow and we’ll leave whenever you’re ready”, said Ram. “Okay, I’ll be waiting. The interview starts at 10 AM, so we’ll have ample time to travel” I said. “Fine, did you tell her?” asked Ram. “No, I dint tell her yet. I’m afraid” I said. 

Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Inside You or The Physical You

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Life seems very uncertain at times. You never know what exactly is going to happen to you or maybe I can put it as, what exactly has happened to you..!!

It’s always been a tough fight between, ‘The Inside You and The Physical You’.

As the opportunist drank the only half glass of water, while the optimist and the pessimist were busy arguing. In the same way, God has already created a plan for you while the Inner You and the Physical You were busy planning. In fact you'll realize it a after a long time that, you were never the show stopper but were just assuming yourself to be.

We always think that whatever happens, happens for a reason or happens for good. Who said? Is it the Inner You? Or is it the Physical One? Do we say the same thing when everything goes according to the plan? We never utter the words, reason or good. When we lose, it is just both of them coming to a mutual understanding and calming us by whispering the most soothening (compromising, consoling) sentence – "Whatever happens, happens for a reason or happens for good”.

An incident took place something like this, there are many of course, but this is the one that I remember as of now. One fine evening, a guy goes to very big market, as big and as famous as a Diagon Alley. In mean time, he reaches a store where he finds two cute lovely teddy bear dolls. Remembering that his crush likes them a lot, he plans to buy one of them for her birthday and propose her. But he wasn’t sure if she would appreciate it, so he leaves the decision to the God. He’s decided that on his way back if he finds that store open, he is going to purchase one of those dolls and gift it to that girl on her birthday. Not less than an hour turned, the boy returned and was happy to see the store’s still open but to his disappointment both the dolls were sold out.

Mere tragedy was that the boy has consoled himself saying that they were never meant for each other or in the long run, God has something better for him. Finally he neither gifted the teddy nor proposed her. What was wrong with the boy? Was it the inner him, who was unable to make a judgment to buy the teddy? Or was it the physical he, who always regrets throughout his life for not proposing her?

Let us leave the consequences behind for a while. What if the girl was eagerly waiting for the boy to propose her! What if? What if? What if? And a lot many unanswered ifs you’ll be remained with.

If there Devil, then there is God. If there is Good, then there is Bad. If there is You, then there is only You whom You are going to face. It is just You who is going to control You.

But still the question remains, The Inside You or The Physical You.