Friday, March 06, 2015

Another forgotten poem from my scribbles

Oh my God! It seems like my mail box is resurrecting all the forgotten scribbles.

I found another one yesterday and yes, I'm happy that I found it :)

I wrote this when I knew that one of my friends was missing us badly and was mentioning how we used to enjoy when we were together!

Here's it goes:
Courtesy: Google Images

Un lamhon ko kaise bhula payenge hum,
Jiske wajeh se bhul paaye hum bohat se ghum.

Bas faasle hi hain, jo thodi si badi hain,
Par tere yaadon se meri dil toh bhari hain.

Jab tak mujhe yaad aayegi tumhaari,
In aansuonse rahegi meri samjhouta jaari

Woh hasi mazaak tumne jo sabko baata hain,
Unke bina toh humaare zindagi mein sirf sannata hain

Un lamhon ko kaise bhulenge hum,
Jiske wajeh se bhul paaye hum bohat se ghum.


  1. You already know, I am smiling. May your friendship last beyond eternity :) damn am still smiling :)

    1. I'm glad that I made you ishmail :D Keep ishmailing :P