Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Quikkrrr Quikr..!

This post is in response to It's just Quikr in Bangalore activity by Quikr - Bangalore at IndiBlogger.

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Here goes my post:

"Dear Ram,

Your relocation request has been approved and you are here by officially transferred to Optimized Solutions, Bangalore location.

Please get your clearance form approved by the respective teams by the end of this week.

Your official date of joining at Optimized Solutions, Bangalore location is Monday, February 01, 2015.

Let us know if you have any concerns!

Jaya Ramesh Sundaran
Human Resources"

The email just gave me a surprise. Finally, my relocation request has been approved and it's time to shift to a place near to my home town.

I called my wife and said, "Honey, it is about we start packing our luggage."

"Ram, if this is one of your Switzerland jokes again, you might wanna find another place to sleep tonight" she replied in her lovely sweet voice.

"No, no, no, my relocation request to Bangalore location has been approved from my office and we can shift to Bangalore in next two tot three weeks. Isn't that cool? we've been planning for this since a long time and here we are, ready for Bangalore." I said.

"That's awesome! Come home early. We can plan everything over dinner and get things done quicker." she said.

"Yep. See you!" I said and cut the call.

I am happy for getting relocated but moving has always been painful and now it is not just moving but setting up a completely new home in Bangalore.

Furniture, television, refrigerator and what not. Thank God! As we were sure of being permanently settling down in Banagalore, we barely bought things at our current place. A little luggage to move and fortunately we have to sell and buy stuff whenever we want, wherever we want and to/from whomever we want.

Now, the most important thing is the set things right at Bangalore. I went to and soon filtered my choice to real estate section, 2 BHK section and found a wonderful , independent 2 BHK for living at just rupees 11000 a month at Konanakunte and it is of the kind which I was exactly looking for. I called up the owner of the house using the contact information provided and booked the house for rent. The house was ready to move and we can move in whenever we want. 

Phew! Thanks to, things went smoothly.

It doesn't end here. Four walls and a roof cannot make home sweet home. I narrowed down my search to Home and Lifestyle and then booked a sofa set, a dining table, a television, wardrobes and lot more. I compared all the prices for the same products online at other websites and I was happy that I bought all of them at a reasonable dearer price or equal.

I went home that night and my darling had a lot of questions to shoot at me and before she could say anything, I handed her the list of things I already purchased to make the home at Bangalore a sweet home :)

"I love you!" is all she said after she went through the complete list.

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