Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A New Life

Life has always been a Roller Coaster and it will always be. I believe it is not only for me, but for everyone. Be it a superhero like Iron Man or pick any common man, it is and will always be a Roller Coaster.

We never feel enough with whatever we have in our lives. Of course that is how our human nature is, our psychology is and I’m no different.

I was in college and I was returning to my hostel in a bus, along with one of my friends. It was almost dark and we were late and hungry too.

“I’m hungry bro!” I said and turned towards him. “Yeah man! Me too” he replied and got back the novel which he has borrowed from the local library. It was at least two more hours for us to reach our hostel and that was the day I learnt, time and hunger are no one’s friends. We reached a stop where we got down the bus and were walking towards a place from where we can catch another bus to reach our destination.

“Dude, do you have money?” I asked and started checking my pockets. He found some in his pockets and I found a little amount in my bag. Collectively we had 10 bucks and it was enough for us at point of time.

We soon went to a shop near by an d bought a big sweet piece of bun called ‘bun maska’ and started sharing it. We finished almost half of the piece of bread we bought while walking towards the next bus stop and it was so tasty that we started arguing over who is going to get the large. We both were hungry and we both wanted to eat more.

After a couple of minutes we reached a crossing and we were waiting for the signal to go red so that we cross the road. Surprisingly the debate for the larger share was still on and then we saw a man of our age lying on a small piece of cloth on the road. He was physically challenged and that situation was so moving that we decided to give him the larger share of our bread to him. He accepted to take it and smiled. He dint speak and we weren’t expecting him to, but he just smiled. The happiness of sharing that bread with him has filled our stomach. We felt like we were full.

That might seem a very small decision but that was one of the decisions which inspired us to help others. After that incident we have grabbed any possible opportunity to help the one in need. That incident helped us in starting a new chapter in our life, helping the needy.

I have recently joined an CSR organization too and it is altogether a different experience to be with those kids from homes we visit. Those kids changed the way I look at life. They have a little with them but they are always happy and they are always ready to share their happiness with everyone around them.

Thank you, Housing.com for this wonderful opportunity to share our experience.

You can all know more about Housing.com and go start a new life from the following link:


Embedded below is a wonderful video by them.


  1. Nice philanthropic act, a person who can let go of his share to feed others truly has a wonderful soul :)

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words, mam :) aakhir dost kiske hain :)