Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hatred turning to Love

I went to Chennai with hatred, pure hatred it was. "New place, new people, new food, new culture. I've to manage anyhow for a month or two, till I get my training done and then I'm off to a different place", I said to my colleague sitting next me. "What do you think I'm gonna do?" he asked. I understood, we both travelling in the same boat.

In the next few days, while I was busy hating Chennai, God has made his moves to add some life to my life and introduced me to wonderful people whom I now call, friends! The hatred for Chennai was then replaced with friendship.

Early in the morning at The Rocky Beach, Pondicherry

I was so happy that the place where I lived did not matter, the sweat in the hot sun was no more a problem, the hunt for a flat to live after checking out from the office guest house seemed like fun and the best one is when my friend came to me and said, "Shinde! Mere hostel ke saamne aloo ke parathe milte hain yaar. Chal aaj office ke baad dinner wahi pe karenge". I felt like I was being awarded for some Godly task when I had the first bite of the paratha followed by the tang of the sour lemon pickle dished side to it. 

There were a lot of things which did not bother me anymore. Happiness was defined there for me.

Those long lasting gossips, those never ending waiting for a friend to come out of his cubicle to go home, those silly fights for a reason which doesn't even exist in this universe, those calls to a friend in the office, just to see how it would feel to talk for free of cost in the office intercom, those long, in fact very long and unnecessary chats just to check the new smileys on the office communicator, those crucial discussions, just to decide where are we going to eat that night, those sudden trips to the never seen places and boarding the wrong bus on return which resulted in six hours of extra travel, those silly names of the movies during dumb charades, those extra workouts in the gym and that moment when you realize that you lost your weight instead of gaining it ;) those excited moments after training gets finished and the smile on your face which says you are going to be in project for some real work, those unforgettable weekend plans, those unbelievable window shopping in the malls, those coincidental dinners, those evenings at the beaches, those birthday parties and the bike's breakdown in the middle of the night, those crazy stupid pillow fights, those unlimited photo sessions, those every weekend movie plans, those trails to learn swimming on our own, those calls to our homes and the emotional talks, those nicknames and the teasing when someones crush just walks by and what not! How can I forget the DJ night!!! That is when we knew, anybody can dance.

But, the day finally came. My transfer request to Pune got approved and I suddenly realized, what I'm going to miss. Three more days left and I felt like I'm going away from my home, again. It's like it was yesterday when all these things happened and today I'm here, writing this post on my blog. I got what I wanted, but it came with a cost.

Me in Chennai with my Friends :)

I managed to write few lines while the emotions played with my tears at the railway station and slowly I saw my friends waving hands disappear with the increasing speed of the train. Dedicated to the Chennai and the friends who made the Chennai possible!

Jab aaye the hum yaha,
Toh nafrat hi tha tumse, aur kuch nahi. 

Jab aaye the hum yaha,
Toh nafrat hi tha tumse, aur kuch nahi.

Ab jaa rahe hain hum, tumse door,
Toh palko mein hain aansu, aur bichadne ka ghum.

Ab khush toh hum hain nahi,
Kyu ki, ab hum, toh hum nahi.

I'll miss you Chennai, I'll miss you guys!

P.S : Chennai is a wonderful city, you just have to give some time to settle down. Once you're settled, trust me, you'll like it :)


  1. This is really beautiful..reminded me of those days which I spent with my friends.The early morning pic which you clicked is just amazing & even those last lines in hindi well written.
    Btw, I have never been to Chennai but surely I would love to go if I get a chance.!

    1. Thank you Akshitha.. You should be to Chennai once and every place is heaven if you are with your friends :)