Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Job

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There was a red door at the entrance and I did not dare to enter. I decided to wait on the pavement beside the entrance to see if I can ask any worker from restaurant.

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I've waited there for an hour or two, everyday, for like a week or more and finally there came a waiter to throw the trash and I walked towards him. "Are you looking for any help in this hotel?" I asked to the waiter who came out to throw the garbage. He did not even care if I was talking to him and started the empty the trash can. "Sir, I'm looking for a job and I just wanted to check if you guys are looking for any help in this hotel", I asked again.

"Do you think you can keep cooking for eight hours a day?” he asked. My over enthusiastic heart and the hungry stomach found a ray of hope at his question. "Yes! Yes! I can wait for eight hours a day and I can wait too", I said.

"Let me check with my boss and let you know if is willing to hire any stranger for a job in his hotel", he said and walked towards the hotel. He came out and said, "Come in. My boss wants to see you". He glanced me and said, "I'll be paying only 50 bucks an hour". As I did not get to see 50 bucks in past three months, I felt like jumping with joy and singing, but I said, "It is a little less but, I'll take it".

"Can I start cooking now?" I asked. "No! Not from today. Get rid of that beard first. You should have a clean shave as long as you work here", the boss said.

"I can shave and come back in ten minutes", I said. "Listen, it is already late and we have people coming for lunch. Come down tomorrow and start cooking and don't forget, 'clean shave'.", he said.

"Oh man! I lost the salary for today and that too just because I did not shave!" I said to myself.

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Topics for Guys:

Missed chances- Stories or instances where you missed out on an opportunity because of a non-shaven face.

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An instance when a stubble came in the way of a man’s chance to make a good impression.

An instance when a well groomed look ensured that they struck gold on an opportunity given to them.

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