Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Touch

This post is written in response to  #BringBackTheTouch

"Maya, can you make it fast! We are getting late and Anirudh would be upset if we are late", he said.

It is the most he spoke today and thank God he remembers that even I am coming :)

I do not understand what they would be doing in their office wherein he had to work even after coming home.

But yeah, I came out from the bed room and stood near the door just to check if everything was fine with my saree and again, "Maya!! Honey make it fast. It's a long way to drive", he said.

The moment I came out, he saw me and I thought he would appreciate me and tell me how beautiful I look, but he dint even smile and it is no surprise to me these days.

We reached Anirudh's place and he asked me to go in while he was parking the car. The moment I entered I thought Anirudh or his wife would be greeting me. The lights were all on and there was nobody in the hall. I just entered and stood there waiting for Vikram to come.

"Priya, go in" he said. "Honey, where is Anirudh and his family?" I asked. Before I could say another word, he hugged me from behind and I was trying to figure out what was happening, and all my trials are in vain. I was sinking deep in the ocean of his love and his touch was all that made the difference. 

"Priya, this not Anirudh's place. This is our new home and I am sorry for all the me getting lost in my office and my work! I'm sorry for all the ignorance you felt. I am sorry for everything." he said.

Again, it's his touch that has made all the difference. 

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