Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Power of Voice

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. We have been reading this statement since we started going to school. As a matter of fact, in most of the cases, we are just we are just reading it. But the question is: How far are we following it? How far are we implementing it?

Here's a short story about Montu, who has not only raised a voice against the dirty surroundings but also helped in maintaining it.

Montu walks through the same route everyday to get to his school. Though the town was big, the roads were small and dirty. He still managed to reach without any problems and the only thing he cared about is not get his uniform dirty on the way to his school.

"Mousi, give me two pencils and one sharpner", said Montu to the lady who runs a small stationery counter in front his school. Selling the stationery was her only to earn her bread and butter. Though she was pretty old, she never gave up and never asked for help.

Everything was going good in the town. Soon the seasons changed and it was the turn for rain. The bad roads became worse and the worse became the worst. But Montu did not change his aim, not to get the uniform dirty.

One night, it rained heavily and most of the ditches and culverts in the town started overflowing which resulted in water entering into the Mousi's counter. Mousi still managed to clean and drain the water but her age did not allow her to do it daily.

Not only Mousi's counter but also the playgrounds and roads were at their worse conditions. Days passed but no one was giving a thought to correct the situation.

Looking at the sad state of the town, Montu gathered few of his friends and raised his voice against the hygiene and cleanliness. He decided to talk to his principal about the situation and see if even the school can help him.

Montu received support from his friends, school and his family. Everybody then raised their voice and approached the government to make the difference. Soon there were concrete roads in their town along with covered ditches and culverts.

Montu also started a campaign with his school friends educating the people in their town about the safety measures and principles to keep their surroundings clean.

Thus the town was all back to happiness and no rain could trouble them anymore.

Now that was Montu's story in his town. What about our towns? What about our country? Let's make sure that we raise our voice whenever required for our towns, for our country!

This post is written in response to The Power of Voice to Clean India, #AbMontuBolega by Strepsils at IndiBlogger.

This digital campaign has been started by Strepsils which is trying to spread awareness among the citizens of the country to speak up and be heard about the cleanliness, which is next to Godliness. They also came up with a tag line, "Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega, Strepsils k Saath #AbMontuBolega" that motivates people.

My sincere thanks to Saqib Saleem, the star from Mere Dad ki Maruti, who played the character Montu in this campaign.

You can anyways learn more about this campaign by visiting the official website,, the Facebook page and the Twitter page created by Strepsils India.


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