Sunday, December 07, 2014

I should not have trusted him!

Source: Google Images

The cold was blistering and the snow was thick, but still, I've managed to reach the station long before train had to pick.

I was all prepared and all set to flee and the clock ticked as if it just wants see, how my future would be.

The moment has come, so did the train and the phone flashed a message which gave me a lot of pain, "I'm sorry again!"

I've boarded the train and decided to live my life without him.

I left my family for him, I left my friends for him, I should not have trusted him.!


  1. It's upsetting when someone you trust deceives you, nice story.

  2. This happens so many times. It's terribly unfortunate. My situations were never quite that desperate when I was making my bad choices, but they were pretty bad sometimes. Luckily I hit the jackpot with my second husband. Going on sixteen years together and a dozen of it married. He's never betrayed or threatened me once, which is what I was used to before.
    If this is a real situation for you, I hope it resolves in your favor. If it is completely a work of fiction, you captured reality very well.

  3. It was very kind of you to stop by Aurora. This situation is not real in my case and it is a pure fiction.

    I have checked you link and it is very touching. You've penned it well.

  4. Sounds like she's made at least one good call (ending it with him).
    Nice story.