Sunday, November 30, 2014

You'll rock the stage then!

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As soon as I entered he class, I heard, "Sit down everyone. No one wanders in the corridor today. We have the first company visiting our college this semester and the Head of our Department would be upset if you guys are creating any scene out there".

I went there and took the only available seat in the second bench of the class.

"Which company is it?", I asked Angad. "I don't know man! I was at the coaching yesterday and why would I be bothered about the companies coming this year? We will anyways be having our shots next year, won't we?", said Angad. "Yeah you are right big man!", I replied. "Keep calm you idiots!", said Mr. Deshpande, our lecturer for Programming in C.

According to me, Angad is proper, planned genius of our class with all the abilities to crack technical, managerial and HR rounds of these companies. I should say, I was lucky to have him during exams. I know what you are thinking now. Don't worry, it is not because I can copy from him, it is because, he used to explain me the chapters that I bunked for my cricket tournaments.

"Look at him, he has already started taking coaching for the expected interviews next year. He always sits in the second bench so that he will not have distractions during the lectures. He always comes in clean and neat formals to collage as if he is going to interviews everyday in college. Look at him! This is the guy!", I said to myself.

"Wait! What's this! Angad, why dint you shave? You look so tired and untidy with this beard", I said. "Dude, I was busy with coding last night and I had to rush to college this morning because I woke up late. Do you think this beard is really that bad. I thought it looks cool and macho ;)", he said. "Yo bro! You are still the genius of our class", I said.

Mr. Deshpande gestured Angad to come out of the class. Angad went as if it was a national emergency but when he returned he looked a little upset. "Ssup bro! What's wrong?", I asked. "Our Head of the Department wants one of our juniors to address the recruiters today and Mr. Deshpande suggested my name", said Angad. "That awesome! But why are upset?", I asked again. "Head of the Department asked someone else to do it because I did not shave my beard", said Angad. "That's sad bro! Don't worry, you have a lot of chances coming up. You'll rock the stage then!", I said.

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