Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa

Haven't started building one yet but given a chance I'd like to choose the following items to make my home, a sweet home.

The very first thing which someone or even I would come across when entering my home is either the entrance or if I'm looking down then it would be the flooring. Yes, building from the scratch. I'll be choosing the best tiles for my floor and it would be something that attracts and follows wherever you in my home. It should not only attract but also be very safe for all the people in my home, elders, youngsters and kids, who should be very careful while learning how to walk.

I would go for a natural wooden flooring and in that it would be, Modern Louvre Siena.

Modern Louvre Siens

Later I would be going for the next best place of my home and that would be nothing but my kitchen.

Yes, I like to spend most of my free time, given I do not have any games to play or movies to watch, it would be cooking and I love to cook. According to me the place where you cook also matters. I also like the Spanish touch in the kitchen which would add a lot of interest in my cooking.

In this case, I'd be going with the G680 Nogal Tenue G580 Blanco Brillo. Yes, I liked it the most from all the furniture displayed in their gallery.

G680 Nogal Tenue G580 Blanco Brillo

Adding to the furniture there are lot of things like the kitchen taps and the worktops which would again add to the beauty. 

In the taps, I'd choose Monomando Stick which I feel like looks very flexible and can be used without any trouble. 

Monomando Stick

After the taps it would be the kitchen work tops. Worktops bring maximum resistance and visual appeal to kitchens. I would be going with KRION Kitchen worktop. It looks kinds simple for me, no extra decorations and nothing. Just simple, but the best.

KRION® Kitchen worktop
It is not just the money but the bank you choose. In the same way, the wardrobes you choose is the more important for your clothes. I just love clothes and man the never ending trends are always in the news. 

In all the ward robes from the Porcelanosa gallery, I'd be going with the Foc Roble Cacao / Blanco Superior Textil ward robe. Again, it just as simple as I was expecting to buy and no extra decorations and nothing.

Foc Roble Cacao / Blanco Superior Textil

That is all in my list which i would be planning to buy from Porcelanosa.

I  would also suggest you to visit 24kLiving to browse through their splendid products to find the one that suits your dream and not only just dreams, but your home and you family.

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