Saturday, November 15, 2014

My flight to the Present..!!

She was scary and all I could see is her bleeding torso by the very sight of which I was frightened to death.

I'm not even sure if she has hit me with her spell, but with in few seconds, I was in a another world, I don't know where,with another dimension, time and I could choose to be where with all my hands bare.

Source: Google Images from the movie Lucy

I tried hard, really hard to stare and it was me crying as a kid because of my brother and the chocolate he couldn't share.

My life was a dimension lying in front of me and I couldn't decide where to resume while the dark force was still upon me, suppressing my will to rise, my ability to choose, my instincts to decide.

All of a sudden, I can feel someone holding me tight and then I opened my eyes, all sweaty in my bed and the love of my life, holding me tight to wake up from my dream.

Source: Google Images
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