Saturday, July 19, 2014

My 5 Black Listed Things

Black. Yes!! You read it right. It's Black. The color of this text is Black. The color of my laptop is Black. The color of my bag, the color of my shoes, the color of my T-shirts and what not. Knowingly or unknowingly Black has become one of the common colors in my life. Wait.. I said a common color. Let me correct it. Black is not a common color. Every color has it's own speciality, so as Black. Black is one of the mostly used and liked colors. It shows us the capability to absorb things into us. 

Features apart. Beginning with my Black List:

1. Matte finished Lamborghini

A Mate finished Black Lamborghini. One of the most expensive cars in this world. I know I cannot ride a car yet, but even getting a ride in this car would make me more than happy. 

2. A Black Sofa Set

A Black Sofa Set on a white polished floor. Oh my!! That would be a beauty to see. I have a theme house in my mind. All the things in the house would be just white and black. Specifically furniture will take black. White walls, white floor, Black sofa set, Black curtains, Black doors, Black dining table and so on. Let's see how far it goes.

3. Batman's Bike in Black

A little more improvement in the world of automobiles and bang!! This bike will be on roads.This is one of the coolest bikes I've ever seen. I'm still not sure if this is a realistic model, but if it is, then I'll be waiting for it to come on roads. Given, the fire power's been removed :P

4. A Black Pen

A book and a pen are always good to keep with one. I personally like to write in black. The strokes and the fonts in black add beauty to our writings. I've participated in a lot of competitions and given a choice, I've always gone for Black color to write.

5. My Lady in Black

Ooohh Myyy!! That moment when I see her in such a beautiful black dress would make me go buy the cloud 9 for myself and sit on it with my jaws dropped and my eyes wide open for an aeroplane to land in there. Phew!! I just come back from there ;) 

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