Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WhatTheBlack -- Day #1

The most awaited day has finally come. I was checking my mobile again and again just to make sure that I did not miss any call from regarding #WhatTheBlack activity. I was very exhilarated to see what's gonna come and more ecstatically waiting to blog about it.

I was waiting, waiting and waiting and finally the cute, female receptionist in my office came to me and said "Sankeerth, there is someone waiting to meet you in the reception." I went running to the reception and a person from greeted and presented the Black Box of surprise and happiness. I signed for it and went on to my desk. I was very agog to know what's inside the Black Box

I opened the box and the surprise got unfolded with every step I took to open the box and I finally experienced the unexpected as said by #WhatTheBlack .

I was actually expecting chocolates by looking at the Black Box but to my surprise I found a Black Egg and then I said #WhatTheBlack :) It came with a beautiful, egg shaped note.

Now what's inside the egg? It again surprised me. As I already said, a lot of surprises got unfolded with every step.

Ohhhh Myyyyy..!!! That was one big chocolate in the egg. I couldn't wait any longer and I took a bite and said to my colleague sitting beside me, "Who said you cannot taste true love? I just did." Yummy Yummy Yummy chocolate it was. I wanted to capture every moment of this #WhatTheBlack experience and I did. I took a picture of my first bite on the chocolate:P

After I had the complete chocolate I realized, even my hands and fingers were black. Lol...!!! Fortunately I saved my white desk from going black which would result in the person cleaning it tomorrow to stare at my as if I was she going to eat me.

What would the next clue be? What am I going to get? Where is the chocolate in the Black Egg going to lead me? A lots of question in my mind as of now. Let's keep guessing guys. Any guess?

Keep watching this space for the next clue and keep guessing. You can very well comment if you have any guess.

Waiting for the final #WhatTheBlack product!!


  1. What is #whattheblack related to? What is it actually? How it started with you and I would like to start it too ;)

    1. It's a blogging competition bro. Please check for the same. Let me know if you need any help.

      There are many more going on.