Saturday, July 12, 2014

“I’m afraid” I said.

All I need is proper sleep, which has become a dream these days. I kept telling myself not to sleep. Just a couple of days and bang! I’ll be attending the first round of interview. Getting that job was more important for me than cracking it.

“How is the preparation?” she whispered. I told the most common lie in my student life, “Going well”. I know she’s as nervous as I am because these initial steps will decide our future relationship. “Are we meeting tomorrow?” she asked. How could I resist! I said, “Yes. We can meet at the temple and I’ll pick you up”. “No. I don’t want Mom or Dad to be skeptic about us” she said. She’s a valid point, but I hate when she proves it. “Okay then, don’t be late. I’ll be there by 7 AM” I said. “Look who’s talking!!” she guffawed and disconnected the call.

The whole night I was thinking about our future, therefore couldn’t manage to sleep. “Two more runs and we’ll win the match. Come on dude!! Hit it hard!!” my roommate, Rajiv shouted in sleep and no wonder he will not remember a word he’s uttered. His somniloquism sometimes baffles me. Somehow I’ve managed to sleep by cuddling with my pillow and it was 4 AM. The only thing I wish now is not to be late to the temple.

“I like coming to this temple”, she said. “I like it more when I come with you”, I replied. My heartbeat increased when she held my hand and all of sudden, a strong protective feeling developed in my heart towards her. We sat silently for a while. The temple was very peaceful and the climate added to it. We exchanged no words but it was one of the most memorable conversation we had by holding each other’s hand. “I have to go now and yeah, all the best for tomorrow’s interview” she said. “Sure. Thank you!” I replied.

I reached my place to study but my mind’s still on that temple date with her. I never thought that I can be so responsible. All of a sudden I feel like taking up all the Herculean tasks to live a happy life with her and the first among them is to cracking the interview and the biggest is to convince their parents. I guess, I might need Hercules’s help here.

Soon the sky has put its shades on and it’s late night now. “Ram calling”, my mobile’s display shows. “I’ll come to your place at 8 AM tomorrow and we’ll leave whenever you’re ready”, said Ram. “Okay, I’ll be waiting. The interview starts at 10 AM, so we’ll have ample time to travel” I said. “Fine, did you tell her?” asked Ram. “No, I dint tell her yet. I’m afraid” I said. 

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