Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Inside You or The Physical You

Life seems very uncertain at times. You never know what exactly is going to happen to you or maybe I can put it as, what exactly has happened to you..!!

It’s always been a tough fight between, ‘The Inside You and The Physical You’.

As the opportunist drank the only half glass of water, while the optimist and the pessimist were busy arguing. In the same way, God has already created a plan for you while the Inner You and the Physical You were busy planning. In fact you'll realize it a after a long time that, you were never the show stopper but were just assuming yourself to be.

We always think that whatever happens, happens for a reason or happens for good. Who said? Is it the Inner You? Or is it the Physical One? Do we say the same thing when everything goes according to the plan? We never utter the words, reason or good. When we lose, it is just both of them coming to a mutual understanding and calming us by whispering the most soothening (compromising, consoling) sentence – "Whatever happens, happens for a reason or happens for good”.

An incident took place something like this, there are many of course, but this is the one that I remember as of now. One fine evening, a guy goes to very big market, as big and as famous as a Diagon Alley. In mean time, he reaches a store where he finds two cute lovely teddy bear dolls. Remembering that his crush likes them a lot, he plans to buy one of them for her birthday and propose her. But he wasn’t sure if she would appreciate it, so he leaves the decision to the God. He’s decided that on his way back if he finds that store open, he is going to purchase one of those dolls and gift it to that girl on her birthday. Not less than an hour turned, the boy returned and was happy to see the store’s still open but to his disappointment both the dolls were sold out.

Mere tragedy was that the boy has consoled himself saying that they were never meant for each other or in the long run, God has something better for him. Finally he neither gifted the teddy nor proposed her. What was wrong with the boy? Was it the inner him, who was unable to make a judgment to buy the teddy? Or was it the physical he, who always regrets throughout his life for not proposing her?

Let us leave the consequences behind for a while. What if the girl was eagerly waiting for the boy to propose her! What if? What if? What if? And a lot many unanswered ifs you’ll be remained with.

If there Devil, then there is God. If there is Good, then there is Bad. If there is You, then there is only You whom You are going to face. It is just You who is going to control You.

But still the question remains, The Inside You or The Physical You.

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