Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trip To Jaipur

I came home as usual and sat on the sofa in the hall. A tiresome day it was. "Amma..!! Can I get some coffee?" I said and leaned back. “What’s up with you? Why are looking so dull? Is everything okay?” Amma started her rapid fire. “Nothing, it’s just my work load. We’ve been working so hard to get out project to the next level. You know how things work in the corporate world” I said. “Ram, why don’t you take a break? Go out somewhere for few days” she said. Sounded like a nice idea to me. I really need a break!

“Amma, let’s plan a trip to Jaipur next week. Such a scenic beauty it is” I said. “No baba no. I can’t come with you. This is the reason I’ve asked you to get married. You can go out with your wife travel around the globe” she guffawed. “Amma, I’ll get married when I have to. Let’s plan the trip first” I said. “Do you want me to call Mr. Matthew? He is a very good travel agent and moreover he is from Jaipur. He can help you with all the travel and stay” she asked. “Nope, but I’ll let you know if I need any help” I replied after gulping a sip from the coffee.

There was no need for me to go for Mr. Matthew when I already have Skyscanner – the travel wizard with me. I really have to thank Skyscanner and team, these guys are really awesome. The last time while I was planning a trip to Goa with Shikha, the complete plan was about to tailspin and the travel wizard, Skyscanner saved my relationship (Top secret, Amma doesn’t know about her yet :P).

Soon I went to and searched for flights to Jaipur, a wonderful place in Rajasthan. No sooner I hit the search button a list of flights came into sight on the screen with appealing prices. I’ve sorted everything as per my comfort and chose to fly with Air India by just paying rupees 16,582/-, which is a dearer price compared to other sites (you can see the highlighted prices below).

Then I navigated to the Hotel bookings and it wasn’t a herculean task. I just sorted according to my comforts and just booked it. Sorting is one of the best features I like these days and skyscanner has it.

My stay went like this:

Day 1: Jaipur (1 night)
Day 2: Jodhpur (1 night )
Day 3: Udaipur ( 2 nights)
Day 4: Udaipur
Day 5: -Pushkar ( 1 night)
Day 6: Pushkar ( 1 night)
Day 7: Jaipur

I booked all the hotels at the respective places and also the cabs to travel in the local and started my packing. Everything was booked with costing me just 67000/- rupees only.

After exploring all the places mentioned above I came back to Jaipur and took rest for the complete day. The forts, the palace and especially the shopping was very  delightful. Later I took a flight to Pune and reached home without any trouble

Thanks to Skyscanner for all the help.

This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at

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