Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rise Above Fear!

Source: Mountain Dew India

This post is a part of Rise Above Fear activity by Mountain Dew India on IndiBlogger.

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Here's a wonderful video from them starring Akkineni Akhil on how they overcome the fear of heights. It is a very nice inspiring video. Must watch!

Here goes my post:

"I dint want to wake you up at 3 AM. So, I'm leaving this note on the dining table. 

I remember all the instructions you gave me last night. I will not be over confident macho man, I'll listen carefully to the instructor and do whatever he says. 

Don't worry, Mom! I'll be fine and I'll be back soon as promised.

P.S: I could not take the pickle you packed last night. I'm sorry and please don't be mad at me again :)

Lots of love!"

I wrote it on piece of paper and left it on the dining table. She might have read it by now and she might even have tried calling at least a hundred times on my cell which is now out of coverage and all the credit goes to the best service provided by our beloved cellular operators!

I reached my destination along my friends and checked into our hotel rooms. "Alright guys, we got two hours and we'll be meeting in the waiting hall soon after you fresh up", said my instructor.

"Hi, this is Aman", said the guy standing next to me. "Siddharth, Siddharth Sehgal. You can call me Sid", I said. We both shared the room then. "Did you ever do this?", I asked. "Yes! I did. Haven't you?", he asked me. I said, "Yes" and went to take my shower.

We all gathered in the waiting hall and we were given few instructions on what to do and what not to do. I listened everything carefully and then Aman guffawed when he saw me taking down the notes. I can't blame him, he doesn't know how scared I am. It has been just few hours we reached here and I'm already having thoughts about going back home.

"Aman, did you find it difficult when you did it for the first time?", I asked at midnight. He did not reply. He is either asleep or he chose not to reply.

The day has come and I have to do this at any cost, to overcome my fear. I've checked everything for at least three times now. Mask, regulator, alternate air source, pressure gauge weight belt, fins, air tank, buoyancy  compensator, all checked..!!

I stood there and my started pounding like it is competing in a 100 m sprint with Hussain Bolt. "Come on, Sid. It's your turn and as I said already, do not panic!", said my instructor. It was still my choice, I could have chosen to go back by not jumping. But, I have to overcome this fear now.

I took a deep breath, put on my mask and jumped into the deep blue sea. Yes! I entered a world that was completely different from ours. It was so calm and so blue with the tiny, cute fishes around me.

It was all magical in there. No traffic, no pollution! It was like a dream and still can't believe that I did it! Yes, I overcame my fear of deep water by diving into the deep sea.