Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why can't this happen the other way..

 Source: Google Images 

Step by step, tear by tear, I've consoled myself, "That's okay! You can leave this life and start a new one as a wife."

Standing on this side was my love, other side was my life and I've always dreamt of a lovely life.

They taught me how to walk and I ran towards him. They never let me cry and he always made me laugh. They taught me how to pray and he made sure even I was in his pray.

For my hundred reason to leave, they gave a million reasons to stay.

Why can't this happen the other way, where there can only be blessings to say.

They then considered me just another roaming pigeon, because I loved and wanted to marry a person from another religion!


  1. That's a beautiful creation Sankeerth, the flow of words, a lyrical rhyme and a conveying of a deep thought. It makes one ponder how a human just born as a human race is clutched in the shackles of a zillion materialistic man made rules. Sad but true. I truly liked the words and message.

  2. Thank you, Shweta :)

    Welcome to our world of unnecessary and unrealistic rules. As you said, it is sad but true!