Saturday, August 02, 2014

WhatTheBlack -- Day #4


I woke with the thought of receiving the Black Brush today but no Man In Black has arrived so far so I had to manage with the usual one.

Now the idea of getting all the items delivered at once is getting evaporated second by second.

Black Egg in the magical Black Box, Black Newspaper, Black cup and a tissue and finally a Black Brush. 

The way in which things were delivered is quite appreciable. The efforts BlogAdda and Team had put into this is on a very higher level. 

Though I've not received any Black item after the Black Egg in the Magical Box, I'm still having a small hope somewhere in the corner of my heart which says that the packages might get delivered or at least the final big product will be delivered.

I wish BlogAdda to come up with more such ideas in future, but with a better 3rd party to deliver the products :)

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