Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Me, My Love and My Home :)

The place which makes me feel relaxed, the place where my love is waiting for my arrival every evening, the place is nothing but my home. Yes, after the long lasting tiredness starting with my physical workout at gym and my mental workout at office, the only place I can think of going is my home. The way I decorate my house defines my taste for art and the way I handle it defines my care.

I can recollect my childhood days when I started using my crayons and I did as if I were a professional ;) Six out of ten sketches were titled "Home Sweet Home". Those were just words written on piece of paper which gave me the desire to build one today.

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1. Karigaari Jali Ashtavinayak Ganesha Wall Hanging
2. Deknudt Mirror
3. Swayam Boutique Collection 11 pcs Bedroom Set

Given a chance to make some changes or add something to my home, I'd like to go with the following:

As soon as someone enters my home and looks at the Ashtavinayaka Wall Hanging, I'd like them to feel blessed for health and wealth they have today. Personally, I feel happy for whatever I have today in my life(along with the opportunity from BlogAdda to write this post).

I always spend a pretty good amount for my clothing and I really appreciate and feel happy when I see my love and I making ourselves up in front of the gorgeous Deknudt Mirror in my house. I feel like taking time for myself and my love to stand in front of the mirror and appreciate the beauty of our togetherness and that blush on her face when I praise her would make my day even more happier :).

After all the time I spend running, walking, sitting, standing throughout the day, I feel like having a proper sleep to get myself recharged to unfold the blessings of the next day in my life is my bed and it is the only place where my love rests her head on my heart and feels protective by listening to my heartbeat. Yes, I'd go for a Swayam Boutique Collection to make my bed, a comfy place to sleep.

Adding to all these things, my Mom would make my home complete and I can now proudly call it "Home Sweet Home".

I can find all these items from and that too at a very dearer price.

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