Thursday, May 11, 2017

What's your deal?

“Heyyyyyee, what’s up buddy! How have you been doing? I haven’t seen you during lunch this afternoon. Busy with work, huh. I’ll tell you what, this year’s appraisal is going to be so cool. Don't you believe me? Look!! Yep, straight from the horse’s mouth” he said leaning on my desk and I kept calm, lit-er-ally calm and kept saying to myself, “Now is not the time buddy, now is not the time”.

I kept staring at my laptop screen, not knowing what to do with my life and whatever I’m doing currently, why I’m I even doing this. Oh crap, wait, I got it, it pays me, right? This stuff pays me and then I pay my bills. That’s it! I got the holy, terrific answer. This stuff pays me and I then pay my bills.

What ya looking at, you crazy, little maggot. I got the answer for the dilemma of my life. You know, ‘a’ to the ‘n’ to the ‘s’ to the ‘w’ to the ‘e’ to the ‘r’.

Wait, is that it? Is this the only holy crap I’ve been doing since I’ve graduated from my college? Work my ass off this shit, get paid, make others work their asses off and pay them for the shit I’ve been doing in their bars and pubs and they pay the ones whoever work for them and pay and earn and pay and earn and pay and earn. No, that can’t be it.

“Hey, why are you still working man. Just chill. Come let’s for a cup of coffee. Come, let’s go” he said, putting his hand on my shoulder and patting.

He’s done that. Yep, he’s finally put ‘his’ hand on ‘my’ shoulder and patted. Holy crap on a crackle! Just as a matter of respect for a senior, I spit no crap and stepped out of my 4 by 4 hell, AKA, my cubicle and reached the elevator.

As soon as the elevator’s doors opened, we got in and he said, “It’s too hot in here buddy, isn’t it? Moreover, we had no rains last year. I’m not sure how it’s gonna be this year but I’m sure our so-called Government is not gonna take any part in making this country better to live. They’d rather make us feel that it’s better to leave than to live here. Things apart, haven’t I told you, I recently got a third car for our family and a new air conditioner too. You should come home sometimes and see how it feels to be under a 4 ton central AC. Why don’t you come on a Sunday? We’ve cleared trees in front of our place and made it a badminton court. We’ll play. It’s cool in evenings. We can chill under the new AC from morning till evening and hit the rackets in the evening if it is not too hot or at night if it is. I tell you, man, these rains have made our lives difficult and unbearable. Can you imagine, it’s still hot sometimes at six in the evening. I’m definitely going to vote for the other party in the coming elections. Let’s see if they’ll do something about the rains” and chuckled on my face.

Now this is exactly like that lift scene from Captain America – The Winter Soldier, I said, “Before I get started, does anyone want to get out?”

‘For readers who have no idea what that lift scene is, just go to this link and watch a short video here,

I held that guy’s collar, lifted him up as high as I can and punched him with my right fist in the middle of the ribs, just below the heart and said, “You have a problem how the climate and rains, sir? Then you should probably start working on it. You should probably be, NOT cutting the trees in front of your place. You should probably be turning off your Mercedes Benz GLE’s engine when you stop at a signal for more than ten holy seconds. You should probably teach your kids to plant some trees instead of teaching them how to make a badminton court. Wait, wait, wait, you were not just concerned about climate, you were also concerned about the politicians doing something about the rains and trees too, weren’t you? If every person in this country starts planting at least one tree a year, ours will be the greenest country on this planet or planet will be the greenest in this universe, which it already is but it’ll be better. Now, tell me you maggot, what’s your deal?”

“Sourabh, Sourabh,” I heard a voice from behind “come on buddy, get your ass out of the lift so that we can get some coffee.

Phew!! One hell of an imagination it was. So, coffee it is!

P.S - It’s not necessary that this person must be software employee. He/She can be anyone who is concerned about out nature and our planet. Unfortunately, most of the people just write about it but mostly never act. It’s a shame that I am one among them, But, one day, before it’s too late, I should not only write but also start acting/taking steps towards the betterment of our planet. I hope, I will!

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  1. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.